Human Culture

Discussion Board: Chapters Three, Four & Five Before you post anything make sure you’ve read the instructions about discussion posts on the syllabus, read the week two modules and completed the assigned reading for this week* Chapter Three Take two elements of human culture discussed in the textbook and apply this to our society. In other words, what do these elements look like here in the US? Your textbook asserts that cultures are always evolving. Provide at least one example of a specific element of  our culture that is changing due to the current pandemic.   Chapter Four Which of the three theoretical perspectives on society best describes our society today? Be sure to provide an explanation to support your position. Provide one example of an achieved and ascribed status that you hold and the roles that are attached to them. Include a discussion of how you’ve experienced role strain or role conflict. Chapter Five  Pick one of the four major agents of socialization and discuss your own experience of socialization. Be sure to mention the specific elements of culture (e.g., norms, values, symbols/signs) that you were being taught, how you were being taught and what you learned about them.   Reply to this post and the post of a classmate by the due date.

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