Homelessness In America

For your second assignment, you will need to once again identify three news articles on the following topic or theme: homelessness in America. This is an important and relevant topic for America is not known for homelessness and /or poverty, and given the pandemic, it is easy to imagine the rise in homelessness in America in the next few months. Your assignment is to address the following inquiry Applying your understanding of sociological perspectives (conflict, functionalist, and interactionist; choose two out of three), explain how and in what ways the problem of homelessness is not an individual problem but a societal concern? In your discussion, you will need to also apply THREE of the following concepts: Ascribed Status, Vertical Mobility, Horizontal Mobility, Prejudice, Social Structure, Social Institutions, Verstehen, or Double Consciousness As you consider your response, you may want to pay attention to how race class gender and other social categories contribute to the chances of becoming homeless or how socioeconomic conditions might result in homelessness. Essay Guideline: 2-3 pages, double spacing Times New Roman Style 12-point font Should have an introduction and a conclusion to the essay No Spacing between paragraphs; Proof Read, Make Changes. Be Creative Do not use Wikipedia, Dictionaries, etc. (Please use lecture notes and readings assigned)

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