History Of Creationism

Answer any 5 of these questions: 1. What is the difference between science and technology? 2. What is the function of the scientific method? 3. Why can we never conclusively confirm or confute a scientific hypothesis? 4. What specific features of a hypothesis do each of the criteria of adequacy—testability, fruitfulness, scope, simplicity, and conservatism— try to measure? 5. Is creationism as good a scientific theory as evolution? 6. Are we justified in believing that there is extrasensory perception? These are the teachers instructions: On page 213 in your textbook (at the end of chapter six) there’s an assignment section entitled, STUDY QUESTIONS.” Use the book’s teachings to answer five of the questions in grammatically correct sentences. Yes, I will take away points for poor grammar. Every thing you need to answer the questions in in your textbook, but the videos in Content Area will be very helpful. This assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of this class, therefore I expect a higher degree of detail, clarity, and communication skills than you previous works. There is no word count when you’re answering questions from the textbook. However, your answers need to be thorough! The Textbook is titled: How to think about weird things: Critical Thinking Seventh Edition enth ed.

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