Healthy Eating

Your final project will be to create a Healthy eating flyer. The nutrient that you will be focused on will be Minerals. Please provide the following in a colorful and creative informative flyer.  Information must be provided in a flyer form. I will be looking for creativity, and informative, statistical information.  Include the following in your flyer. 1. define minerals 2. why are minerals important( 3 reasons) 3. identify a organ that benefits from from mineral nutrients 4. list four foods that contains minerals, what are the benefits to those foods 5. what is mineral deficient? what happens to the body when you  are mineral deficient?  6. what suggestions are provided for adequate nutrient supply 7. Choose a age group, health group, or ethnic group and provide 3 benefits, 3, health risk factors to having nutrient mineral supply.   8.Provide statistical data from sources such as( FDA, USDA, Health Department …) to help support your flyer.

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