Health Inspections

Instructions: Obtain a state survey for a skilled nursing facility. You can do this by downloading the survey from the web at: 1. Enter a zip code (Use zip code 48322) and then select a SNF 2. Review each of the available tabs 3. You can pull the full report under the ‘Health Inspections’ tab. * Discuss the background of the incidents and what violations were incurred as a result. Pay attention to the types of deficiencies that are documented in the survey. * How many people are likely to be affected by the problem, i.e. would it impact many of the residents or few? What are the likely consequences of the deficiency? Are they serious? •Look at the survey from several different perspectives –that of the administrator, the regulator/inspector, the customer/patient. Does that change your analysis of the seriousness of the deficiencies? •Do you think the deficiencies were valid? Why? •Review the plan of correction. Discuss whether their plan of correction would prevent the same deficiencies from happening in the future. •In your opinion, what types of incidents that may be litigated could come from a result of those deficiencies and how would attorneys exploit the survey and use it to their advantage in court? Organization/Development •The paper is minimum seven pages in length •The introduction provides good background on the topic and previews major points •The conclusion is logical and reviews the major points in summary Mechanics •The paper includes the title page and reference page and is consistent with APA guidelines as directed by the facilitator •The paper is laid out with effective use of headings, font styles, and white space •Rules of grammar and punctuation are followed

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