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My professor told me to revise it since he doesn’t see an argument there Topic: How has reading Ain’t I a Diva? shifted or solidified your perspective on Beyoncé? Where do you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with Allred? Is there any stance Allred takes that you’d like to push back against? Extra Information: This paper is going to be a revision. I have the essay but my professor commented that I have to revise it. He said that I have a great essay of summary here but she can’t figure out if I am am dressing to this prompt, since there were no argument. Additional details: ***Quoting from Outside Sources: I am not mandating a certain number used of outside sources for this paper; however, I highly recommend you find books from the library or articles using the databases or Google Scholar. At least 1-2 outside sources will help support your main argument and claims. Wikipedia, Spark Notes,, Yahoo Answers or any similar study guide or Q&A websites are not acceptable sources for this essay. I will send the screenshot for the essay with professor’s comments and the rubric as well. Also If you would like to choose less sources it is fine with me Sources needed 4: 2 must Ain’t I a Diva and Allred

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