Global Deforestation

Part#1 Cowspiracy questions (watch Cowspiracy on Nexflix) 1.      -What is the central message of the documentary? 2.      -There are at least 13 Non-governmental groups interviewed in this film.  Try to name them all.  Are they working for us, or failing us? 3.     – How does cattle farming compare to Palm oil agriculture for water consumption? 4.      -What percentage of global water consumption is animal agriculture responsible for? 5.    –  What percentage of global deforestation is animal agriculture responsible for? 6.     – How many liters are in a gallon? 7.     – How many gallons of water are required to produce one pound of beef? 8.      -Explain why this number is so high. 9.      -How many gallons of water is required to produce one gallon of milk?              -Compare animal agriculture to transportation in terms of ghg emmissions. Part#2 (Tour111) watch the presentations and use first person to comment, don’t  need many words, just answer the questions. Share your reflections and feedback on their presentations. Ask them questions about the course related content they shared in their presentations. Ask them questions about the place or trip they chose to discuss in their presentations. p

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