Genre Shift

For this activity, you will look at the documents contained in this filePreview (uploaded) the document. Then answer the questions below.1.What is the poster arguing in item A?2.What does the fact sheet/infographic in item B argue? (What’s the main argument overall?)Pick 2 of the 5 boxes on the graphic and explain the argument in that box, which is given as a major reason to support the main argument3.What is the overall argument of the infographic in item C?Explain how one of the facts given supports your interpretation.4.Pick one of the cartoons in item D and explain what the argument is in that cartoon.  Defend, briefly, your interpretation.5.What is the argument made by the memes in item E?6.What is the main argument in the opinion piece in item F? Name and explain 3 major reasons given to support the main argument?7.Reflect: (this part of your response should be at least 200 words)-In what ways are these texts participating in the same conversation?-Although the texts are participating in the same conversation, how do the different texts still manage to use different genres to communicate differently and reach different audiences?-Which text was the most interesting/informative in your opinion? Why do you think this? Are you part of the intended audience of this text?-Think about the text you are creating for the Genre Shift project. What genre, audience, and purpose are you working with? How does this activity help you to more fully understand the ways in which genre, audience, and purpose are connected to one another?

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