Fast Diet

FAST DIET   As an individual, you are to evaluate a popular diet based upon what you already already learned and based upon criteria provided in this assignment.  The instructor has assigned each student a diet. You are to use three sources to aid in your research of the diet.  For your benefit, I have provided your first of the three sources, this link:  This is a clearing house for the most current and relevant diets recognized by U.S. New & World Reports. In addition, the college library has resources online as well as information on how to site your referenced websites and other viable research periodicals.  Each student will write a five (5) page page paper (12-font, Times New Roman, double-spaced) detailing the premise of the diet, discussing their research, and sharing how their diet measures up to each of the criteria provided.  Your assignment will need to be submitted via email to my email address by the assigned due date.    Assignment Criteria Is it missing any essential nutrients? Does it provide too much of any nutrients? Will the person learn new and healthful ways of eating so that they can keep the weight off?  Is it expensive? Does it include unnecessary restrictions? Is it easy it is to follow? Does the diet produce produce short-term and/or long-term weight loss?  Does is demonstrate nutritional completeness? Is it safe?  Its potential for preventing and managing diabetes and heart disease.   Refining the criteria: Short-term weight loss. Likelihood of losing significant weight during the first 12 months, based on available evidence. Long-term weight loss. Likelihood of maintaining significant weight loss for two years or more, based on available evidence.  Diabetes. Effectiveness for preventing diabetes or as a maintenance diet for diabetics. Heart. Effectiveness for cardiovascular disease prevention and as risk-reducing regimen for heart patients.  Ease of compliance. Based on initial adjustment, satiety (a feeling of fullness so that you’ll stop eating), taste appeal, special requirements. Nutritional completeness. Based on conformance with the federal government’s 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a widely accepted nutritional benchmark. Health risks. Including malnourishment, specific nutrient concerns, overly rapid weight loss, contraindications for certain populations or existing conditions, etc.    Grading rubric (100 pts) Paper requirements met (length, formatting) – 30 pts Presentation of Diet – 50 pts Three Sources Cited – 10 pts Diet premise addressed – 10 pts Ten criteria thoroughly addressed – 50 pts

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