Family Therapy

HERE IS THE MAIN POSTReadings and Discussion Post: Family Systems and Integrative Psychotherapy2 2 unread replies. 3 3 replies.Readings: Wedding & Corsini: Ch.11, Family TherapyOkun: Chs. 12 & 13Okun-12-Chapter12_Therapeutic_Goals_Processes_and_Change.pdfPreview the documentOkun-13-Chapter13_Contributions_Limitations_and_Current_Status.pdfPreview the documentVideos:David Scharff, M.D. & Jill schariff, M.D., Object Relations Family Therapy (Links to an external site.)Stephen Madigan, Ph.D., Narrative Family Therapy (Links to an external site.)Allen Ivey, ED., Integrative Therapy (Links to an external site.)Jeffrey Kottler, Ph.D., Integrative Therapy (Links to an external site.)Discussion post:What are the core principles of Family systems therapies ground your disucssion in examples from particular approaches to Family Therapy?What are the core concepts in Integrative Psychotherapy?ABIES RESPOND TO THE MAIN POSTIn Family systems therapies, one must help each individual in the therapy to think of themselves as a unit. In the unit, there must be systems thinking, which helps each person understand that they are each a part of the whole system. The family’s structure and processes are evaluated in family therapy as the therapists view the family as a complex, causal, and ongoing network of related parts that is larger than the individual members. When in family therapy, a person understands that organization and wholeness must be stressed (Wedding & Corsini, 2014). When each unit is combined, it creates a whole entity that is bigger than the self.While the family is one system, there must be subsystems as well that individual members belong to. FOr example, subsystems such as females, males, parents, and siblings can all play a role in how the family operates. The spousal subsystem, seen to be the most important, provides security and examples of commitment to the children (Wedding & Corsini, 2014). Sibling subsystems ensure that the children of the family learn to negotiate, compete, and cooperate with one another. This type of subsystem helps the children of the family eventually attach to others.In the psychodynamic view of family therapy, it is often best expressed by object relations family therapists who explain that people have a constant urge to connect with an object, which is usually another person (Wedding & Corsini, 2014). In this method, the loss of loved ones or unfulfillment in childhood is expressed through our relationships with others.In Experiential family therapy, it is believed that families need a growth experience sourced from an interpersonal experience. Experiential therapists believe that they can teach family members to be more honest and expressive of their needs if they are their authentic selves (Wedding & Corsini, 2014).Transgenerational family therapy believes that families are tied together in behaviors, thinking, and feeling. When individual problems occur, they are often maintained by connections with those in the family. However, it is important that the individual members of the family have a sense of self in order to avoid any dysfunction when familial problems arise (Wedding & Corsini, 2014).

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