Evidence-based Practice Nursing

I ONLY NEED A PICOT QUESTION FOR THIS. INSTRUCTION: (1) Identify a clinical question. (2) Obtain an agency practice protocol related to the clinical question. (3) Historically research the clinical practice protocol and evaluate across the nursing continuum to solidify rationale(s) for the EBP. ( Clinical practice protocol, why the hospital is doing this policy, what ebp research did they do) . The term PICOT stands for: P: Patient/Population: What Patient Population, Problem or disease? Be specific versus general and broad. Explain why your group chose the topic. I: Intervention: Test of change or group to observe C: Comparison: Comparing test group versus non-test group O: Outcome: What are you trying to accomplish, measure, improve, effect? Outcome should be in SMART Goal format (Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevant-Timely) T: Time: Over what period-of-time do you plan to implement intervention and measure outcome. ——————- Look at the file I uploaded for an example. Basically, just follow the exact rule but change with a different topic (a different hospital protocol) Loo — —

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