Ethnic Minorities

The assignment has to be 700 words  I have left the full instructions as well as the rubric for the assignment so that you can see what needs to be done to get the highest grade possible  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask  In this assignment, you will identify a specific group (for example, the Hmong from Laos, ethnic minorities from China, or refugees from Venezuela fleeing repression) that has been immigrating to the United States in large number in recent decades. Subsequently, you should gather information (carry out research) to explain the challenges they face in integrating and getting ahead in American society. Make sure to respond to the following five questions:   1) What factors contribute to the group’s decision to migrate to the United States? 2) What barriers to social mobility and integration does this community face in the United States? 3) To what extent has the group succeeded in improving their quality of life in the US? Explain why they have (or haven’t) succeeded.   4) What role do family, religion, community and other social institutions play in helping the immigrant group integrate in the United States? 5) To what extent does the long-term“success”of this immigrant group in the United States depend on remaining an enclave (cohesive socially, culturally and geographically) or integrating more fully into “mainstream” American society?

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