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Essay Prompt: What factors do you think were most influential in causing the revolt and why? This essay is asking who or what you think cause the revolt? Should we say Spanish subversion caused it? Overwork and abuse on the part of the English masters? Were the slaves destined to revolt against the system? Some other cause? Was it some combination of these factors? This about your interpretation based on the sources. Your essay should be a discussion of the primary sources and what they can tell us about why the revolt happened? Thesis:  The factor that was most influential in causing the Stono Revolt was the mistreatment of slaves and the offer if freedom to slaves because they were really desperate to become free people. Direction: (Please read carefully) 1. Review all the source analysis and Thesis Statement Provided. (Decided if you want to make any changes to the thesis) 2. Present your evidence. You MUST use and cite at least 6 different primary source documents of the 15 that was provided Remember that this is an argumentative essay. You do not have to recite the events of the revolt. Focus on examples from the primary sources that address the causes of the revolt you have listed in your thesis.

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