Dealing With Difficult Readings

Answer the questions below in not less than three sentences: 1. One of the considerations for reading difficult pieces is can you understand the words being used? Find two words in Robinson’s piece that you don’t understand and write then down with their definition. In this way over time, you will dramatically expand your vocabulary.  2. One the next most important skills is to be able to summarize information in a way that you can understand and do this in a much smaller space than the original work, so that you can use it as a study tool. There are eight paragraphs in the section marked 3. ON VARIOUS KINDS OF THINKING. Number them (Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2), and then summarize the meaning of the paragraph in one or two short sentences so that you could understand the meaning if you read it back.  3. What does the author say about the mind and body? Do you agree? Can you give examples of why or why not from your experience?  4. What does the author mean when he says, “We don’t think enough about thinking.” ? What does he say influences thinking? What do you usually think about, and what are the effects of those patterns of thinking?  5. What does the author say about rationalizing? Give two short examples of this pattern in your own life experience. You could also use famous examples if you wish.  6. What does the author say about “likes and dislikes” and the word “my”? Give two short examples from your own life experience that either agree or disagree with the author. Are folks pretty self-centered? 7. How does the author define creative thought? What are its characteristics? Do you agree? What is one famous example?  8. After you post your answers, you will be able to see other people’s answers. Add comments to two other students’ posts that refer back to the text and your experience.  This assignment will be worth 25 points and will be due 11/11/2020.

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