Data Breach

the essay doesnt really talk about the scenario, i was hoping it wouldThe scenario:Early one morning at work, CEO Alice Johnson asks if you have a moment to chat. I need your expertise andadvice on a complicated situation for the company regarding an international hacking lawsuit. In her office, Aliceexplains that CyberTech is serving as the cyber forensics consultant for a law firm handling the suit from a 2015hack of the Office of Personnel Management, OPM.The OPM hack compromised background information on millions of workers. In a related case Anomalous, anon-US gray hat hackinggroup suspected in the OPM breach case, is claiming that US-based Equation Setattempted to hack its facilities. So we have a non-US and a US set of test hacker groups involved. WithAnomalous, the non-US group, being a client defendant in one case against Equation Set, the US group, and as a suspect in the OPM breach.But Alice then outlines why the case is problematic. Along with the OPM victims, CyberTech represents clientsfrom some of the OPM breach suspect companies in unrelated cases, which could appear to be a conflict of]interest. This could affect the way our company is perceived by others. We need to maintain our image as anunbiased cyber security consultant.Should CyberTech remain on both the OPM breach investigation and the overseas case at the same time?Or should we drop one of the cases? Apply your critical thinking and analytical skills to figure out whathappened what we know and don’t know, and how the company might remedy this situation.——————————————————————————————————————————To help you analyze the situation (you are NOT fixing anything, you are doing a preliminaryassessment), ask yourselves:• What happened/what is the context?• Who are the stakeholders (all parties involved)?• What do we know from the intro by our boss?• What don’t we know (but would need to know)?• What evidence do we have (facts v. inferences)?• What are the legal issues (don’t overlook)?• What are the ethical issues (don’t overlook)?• What are possible conclusions (do we drop a client, both, neither, and why)?• What are our biases (then go back and start again)?• What other issues, if any, may apply?

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