Cushing’s Syndrome

Please complete 4 of the 7 below questions: 1. The War of the Roses was a complex and long internecine conflict in England that ended with the victory of Henry VII (father of Henry VIII) taking the throne. Give an overview of the conflict using the link in your Readings folder. How did an unlikely candidate like Henry Tudor (Henry VII) come to claim the throne?  2. Describe the effects that Cushing’s Syndrome and McCleod Syndrome had on the death of Henry VIII (though historians cannot yet prove he had them, the evidence is compelling, as you will see from the readings). What effect did these diseases possibly have on his inability to produce a healthy male heir?  3. What attributes did Machiavelli ascribe to an ideal “prince”? Please give at least three to five specific examples from the reading link.   4. Choose one of the artistic pieces (fine art, such as sculpture or painting) from the Italian Renaissance (or you can look at the Northern Renaissance if you prefer) from the links provided. What is the name of the piece, and who created it? Why does it appeal to you?  5. Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?  Trace the progress of the Renaissance from the Italian city-states northward and justify your answer with specific examples. 6. Explain the political situation in the Holy Roman Empire during the Renaissance.  Why was it, in some ways, a weaker state than England or Spain? 7. Describe the work of the key humanists Petrarch, Erasmus, and More.  Compare and contrast their ideas about the human condition, commenting on how religious beliefs intersected with humanism. THEN answer these two questions. 1. How did John L. O’Sullivan explain the meaning of “Manifest Destiny?” 2.  Please read the Texas Declaration of Independence.  Which of the numerous accusations against the Mexican government indicated the greatest area of conflict between the Anglo-Americans and the Mexican government?  Texas Declaration of Independence:

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