Cultural Identity

1. Please describe a specific situation or activity in which you took on a leadership role, whether by choice or because you naturally moved into it. In what ways do you feel you were effective? In what ways do you think you could have been a better leader? Describe how your cultural identity may have influenced your leadership style. (425 words) 2.  Please describe what you would like to accomplish in college. These accomplishments could be personal, educational, or professional. Give us some concrete steps you plan to take to achieve these goals. How will accomplishing these goals impact your future self and professional life after college? (100 words) 3.Please discuss an issue of personal, local, national, or global concern and its importance to you. What do you know about this issue? What experiences lead you to be concerned about this issue? How has your APIA identity influenced your perspective on this issue?  Who is working on this issue that you admire, and what makes their work of interest to you? (100 words)

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