Criminal Justice Theory

US Criminal Justice Theory in Practice Below, please find the Midterm Exam which is worth 25% of the overall grade for this course. There are three questions which have been taken from various chapters of the textbook. Each question should be at least one page in length and in size 12 font Times New Roman, double-spaced.     MID-TERM ASSIGNMENT 1.     Given the limited impact of the exclusionary rule on crime fighting and Miranda on conviction rates, what purposes do they serve?    2.     Discuss the deterrent effect of the death penalty. Does it work?   3.     (a) If selective incapacitation and gross incapacitation do not reduce serious crimes, what actions can be taken to decrease such crimes? Is it necessarily CJ factors and answers that can help? Are there other social institutions that can impact the crime rate? How so?   (b) Discuss the use of prisons/jails as confinement facilities for those who have mental health issues.  Where do you believe those persons should carry out their criminal sentence? Why?

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