Commercialization Of Media

To demonstrate understanding of and ability to reason with disciplinary knowledge you have developed in MECO6926 International Media Practice.To show evidence of ability to reason with MECO6926 disciplinary knowledge by answering ONE (1) of six (6) listed essay questions on cosmopolitan media work and practice (available from 16 October, 2020).Answer the question using a minimum of six (6) MECO6926 unit of study readings, and four (4) self-selected readings.Include examples or a case study to support your argument.question 4: Define and explain the concepts of ‘commercialisation of media work’ (Malmelin & Villi, 2017) and ‘precarious creativity’ (Keane, 2016), find and summarise three news stories published in global South media that detail these types of constraints, and decide if 21st century media professionals still access opportunities for ‘good work’ (Hesmondhalgh & Baker, 2011).3. Practical advice – TemplateBefore uploading your PDF file into Canvas, please check that you have completed the following:Student Identification number is in the file name and on the first page. No names.Format: Title, Essay question #, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Reference list.Introduction outlines your answer to the question.Body develops answer to the question that is theoretically grounded and empirically informed.Answer integrates critical media analysis and three case studies (i.e. media initiatives, profiles, maps, news stories, topics)Answer integrates 6 core reading  and 4 outside reading-selected readingsConclusion summarises and re-states argument and explains insights gainedReference list is compliant = six (6) UoS readings, four (4) additional non-UoS readingsReferencing style is compliant using APA6th styleAcademic writing, analysis, case studies are authentic and genuine4. To show evidence of ability to reason with MECO6926 disciplinary knowledge = meet or exceed expectationsMarking rubriccorrect answer to the questionanalysis is theoretically grounded and empirically informedevidence of appropriate reading, critical media analysis and three case studiescompliant reference list (i.e. six UoS readings, four self-selected readings)authentic and genuine academic writing and correct use of APA6th referencing style

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