Clinical Case

This is the prompt:  What happens to the mind when the brain is damaged? Drawing from clinical case studies, discuss in 4-5 pages how physical changes to the body can affect the mind. What do these cases tell us about the mind-body problem? Are they consistent with the philosophical theories of mind we discussed earlier in class? This assignment builds on the previous one by requiring you to synthesize ideas from different types of readings. You will need to make a connection from specific examples of mind-brain interactions to the broad, philosophical discussions from earlier in the course. Do brain-damaged individuals still consist of the same “self” that existed before? Can physical changes alter your fundamental identity? I have 5 sources of reading that I would like to include from class, and it would be great to add some additional sources as well. The point I would like to make is that when the brain is damaged, the mind is damaged as well. (as in the two are inseparable)

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