Christian Tradition

Essay #1 Guidelines Augustine is a figure who has demonstrated his importance to the Christian tradition, especially through his Confessions. In the history of Christianity and all religions, there are many figures that have been significant in articulating or shaping what the religion believes and practices. Like Augustine, many defined new directions or dimensions of thought that were previously unknown or unchartered. Choose one religious figure from the time of indigenous rule of the Americas, the colonial period, or the United States who has been a charismatic leader and ambassador for her/his respective religion or spirituality. Write a clearly outlined paper (approximately five to six pages, double spaced) that illustrates, in proper form: 1. Who is the figure (basic biographical information, including religion!) 2. What is her/his general significance in defining her/his religious tradition? 3. How is her/his legacy remembered (what is her/his legacy towards the history of the Americas) and how has she/he shaped the religious landscape of North America? You must use at least five sources (MLA, APA, or CMS formatting acceptable). At most one can be from the texts of the course.

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