Childhood Education

After reading the article Teacher Inquiry on the Influence of Materials on Children’s Learning, please answer the following questions by making connections with this research study:1- What was the purpose of this study? What was the teacher’s intention for initiating this research?2- What is the difference between Piaget and Vygotsky’s approach to learning?3- What is the purpose for using and re-using (continuation of use) the same media over long periods of time – thinking about the project approach/inquiry-based learning? For example, the children using pencils for sketching or paint to create their self-portraits.4- Why did the teachers continue the exploration with paint and instead, change the different backgrounds? (i.e.,”canvas”)5- What was discovered about the questions and dialogue teachers provided during this study?6- Why is it important to introduce various materials when children are investigating a topic such as self-portraits? (reflect on the affordances of media) How does “time” play a role in this?7- What is your reaction, as a future/current teacher to this study?This paper needs to be minimal 2-pages in length and double-spaced.

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