Chemical Equilibrium

The procedure section is for you to convince the reader that you carried out the experiment knowledgeably and carefully.  Think of the reader as someone who is unfamiliar with the procedures carried out in the experiment.  Do not copy the experimental procedure from your lab manual or give the reader instructions. If you copy the laboratory manual instructions, the person reading your report will feel as though they are being ordered to do something. You must report what you and your lab partner did during the laboratory period.  Often times, students will do additional tasks that aren’t expressly stated in the manual.  When you have completed your procedure summary, an individual should be able to take it and complete the experiment with the summary alone.  If you don’t include the finer details, the person completing the experiment will not get the same data as you did. Section Requirements: Discuss the setup and operation of the Vernier LabQuest 2 and spectrophotometer Describe the preparation of the calibration samples Describe the preparation of the validation/test samples To begin carrying out this procedure, we first got our equipment prepared. The labquest 2 and spectrophotometer  recorded our

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