Chemical Equation Checklist

Module 4 – Discussion: Chemical Equation Checklist Manage Discussion This is a graded discussion: 100 points possible due Nov 15 Module 4 – Discussion: Chemical Equation Checklist No unread replies. No replies. Module 4 Discussion: Chemical Equation Checklist With the application of hydraulic fracturing techniques, the availability of natural gas has skyrocketed, while the cost plummeted. Some coal-fired power plants are retrofitting for natural gas. Most new plants in planning and construction within the U.S. are designed for natural gas. Large fleet vehicles like buses and garbage collection trucks are being manufactured to run on natural gas. There are many angles that you can evaluate the environmental impacts of a fuel, including the environmental footprint of procurement, processing requirements, and spill or accidental release hazards. Let’s explore the potential combustion products: If natural gas, CH4, burns with an excess of oxygen, it forms carbon dioxide and water vapor. If it burns with limited oxygen, carbon monoxide and water vapor are products. If there is severely limited oxygen, elemental carbon (soot) and water vapor are products.  Consider: When you balance a chemical equation “by inspection,” there are steps you should follow. For this discussion assignment, you will develop a checklist for this inspection to apply to balancing the three combustion equations for natural gas described above. Your checklist should: Be bulleted, short action items. Start with writing the proper chemical formulas based on chemical name and end with a properly balanced equation (proper coefficients and subscripts). There are a few numbered lists available on the Internet. You are expected to custom-tailor a list, though you can certainly use other lists as guides if you cite your sources. Your reply posts should fall into two or more of the following categories: Identify the best aspects from checklists of your peers; discuss how you will incorporate their contributions into your checklist. Identify flaws in checklists of your peers (gently, please) and suggest edits. Discuss how you used your checklist in your homework/quiz. (Did it help? Did you still get the question wrong? Did using the checklist prompt you to edit your checklist to make it even better for future use?)

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