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Answer the following questions in a personal essay.1. Why you want to change to a career in healthcare – (laid off from social media marketing job in March 2020)2. What interests you about working in Diagnostic Imaging as a career (come up with three different creative reasons)3. Where do you see the future of x-ray technology going? Will Artificial Intelligence play a role? (Do research on this AI angle)4. How will you (me) deal with the stress of a career where you are on call 24 hours day/night?5. What are your long term and short term goals in this field? (long term to become a department head of Radiology in a hospital) (short term, get accepted into a 2-year x-ray tech program, I’m taking a full year of prerequisites in 2021.)Please remember this is an essay, I am not looking for short answers. Answer the question yes, but please elaborate on your response on the “Why”1” margins and 1.5 line spacing)

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