Capital Punishment

Select any one essay prompt from those provided below. Follow the instructions accompanying your prompt. Essays should be approximately 3-4 double-spaced pages. Essays should comply with an appropriate citation format: – Please use: MLA, Chicago, or APA style Please see: Resources for Learning More about Plagiarism Essays will be assessed using the following criteria:  Purpose (20%) Your essay should have a clear, well-defined thesis. Sources & Citation (20%) Your essay should draw upon primary and secondary source information in useful and illuminating ways to support key points. It should show excellent integration of quoted material into paragraphs, with all sources cited correctly. Logic & Argumentation (20%) Your essay’s arguments should be identifiable, reasonable, and sound (or strong). Clear reasons should be offered in support of key claims. You should anticipate and successfully grapple with counter-arguments. Structure & Style (20%) Your essay’s structure should be evident, understandable, and appropriate for the assignment. Your essay should be focused and unified. Your words should be chosen effectively, with excellent transitions between points. You should anticipate the reader’s need for information, explanation, and context. Mechanics (20%) Your essay should contain correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Essay Prompt 3.1 COMPARE and CONTRAST (a) Utilitarian ethics and (b) Kant’s deontological ethics. Where do they agree? Where do they disagree and why? EXPLAIN some advantages and disadvantages of each as ethical theories. Of these two theories, which (in your view) offers the more compelling account of ethics? Why? EXPLAIN and JUSTIFY your conclusion.   Essay Prompt 3.2 COMPARE and CONTRAST (a) Utilitarian ethics and (b) Kant’s deontological ethics. Where do they agree? Where do they disagree and why? IDENTIFY a specific topic or issue with normative implications (e.g., capital punishment). ANALYZE this issue from both (a) the Utilitarian perspective and (b) the Kantian perspective. i.e., What would each theory likely hold about the issue you have chosen? Why? EXPLAIN.

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