Canada Health Act Violations

Write a paper between 8 –10 double spaced pages about your understanding of the Canadian Health Care system. You must provide a clear, relevant, comprehensive, and evidence-based answer, identify and acknowledge all citations and references. Use the topics below to organize the paper and respond the information provided within each one. Accessing health care. What advice, if any, would you provide a refugee who overhears you say that you are a health care professional and proceeds to ask you how can she go about accessing health care for herself and her family. (10 marks) Principles of Canada Health Act. Identify a current health care issue Friends of Medicare in Canada ( have raised. Using your knowledge of the Canada Health Act, discuss if you would support or not support Friends of Medicare on the issue and explain how their concerns relate to one or more principles of the Canada Health Act. (20 marks) Canada Health Act violations and what to do. Select two principles of the Canada Health Act, and provide an example of how it has been violated, and what action if any would you as a health care professional take on the issue (20 marks total: 10 marks for a comprehensive answer on each principle). Jurisdictions and responsibilities. Identify and discuss the specific responsibilities of the federal (10 marks), and provincial/territorial governments (10 marks) and their respective Ministers of Health for applying the terms and the conditions of the Canada Health Act. (20 marks total) Current issue. Identify a current public health issue in Canada and describe how provincial, federal, and an international organizations could work together to address the issue. (24 marks, 8 marks on how each level of government and the international organization collaborate to address the issue)

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