Business Communication

OMM 220: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS – Major Written Assignment #1 Feasibility Report Background1: A feasibility report is an objective analysis of a business problem or opportunity. It generally follows a robust consideration of many options or solutions to the problem. The feasibility report sets out the preferred option and proves its viability. Its purpose is to define the parameters of the project, as well as the resources needed to see it through to fruition. It estimates the risk involved and the likelihood of success for the project. A feasibility report might ask any of the following questions: • Is this site right for the project? • Should we open a new location? If so, where? • Should we launch a new product or service? Will it work? • Will our fundraiser be successful? Assignment: You have an idea for a student program/offering, either at Sauder, your undergraduate faculty or the broader campus, based on a need or opening you’ve observed. It could be a project, an event, an exhibit, a fundraiser – it might be to highlight research, for recruitment or to promote athletics or the arts. (It should not be to implement a new course, nor should it be a business proposal, as these are outside the scope of the assignment.) You approach the correct administrator with the idea. She thinks for a moment and instead of saying no, asks you for a feasibility report. Write a 1,200 – 1,500 word report (not including citations) that includes a description of the proposed idea, an assessment of the demand, the value to the school and any socio-political concerns you think Sauder, your undergraduate faculty or the university would need to consider. Support your writing with research. A minimum of four sources is expected. The report must include a title page (with the word count of the report), and at least one visual component, such as a table, chart, infographic or graphs. These are not included in the word count. Use APA referencing and a 12-point, business appropriate font, single-spaced. 1 Feasibility Report Template, Government of Canada, sngp-npms/ti-it/etivcarftp-idsfvfrmd-eng.html COMM 220: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS – Major Written Assignment #1 Report Structure: Remember what you’ve learned about logical organization and layout. Don’t forget the importance of visual appeal, descriptive headers and scanability. The topics below should guide your analysis and should be addressed in your report in some fashion. However, they don’t need to be presented in this order, nor do they need to be separate sections. Think about what your particular audience needs to know to make an informed decision. There is no one format for this report. • Introduction/Purpose and Project Description • Background Information • Goals or Problem o Describe the need or issue you’ve observed. How does the project address it? o Can you quantify this need in the community or provide support for its necessity? • Performance Measures o How will you determine the effectiveness of the project? • Assumptions & Constraints o What will you need to assume to complete the task and what will limit the success of the project, e.g. cost, space, mandate? • Risk Analysis o Identify the major risks inherent in the project and suggest possible mitigation strategies. • Alternatives o What other solutions are there to this problem or goal? Is anything else already addressing it or what else could? • Recommendation & Conclusion o Provide a justification for your idea. o Identify the resources necessary to complete the project. o Summarize the key points of your report and your rationale, without explaining everything all over again. Deadlines and Submission Guidelines: • Draft due on the Thursday during synchronous class time before the final deadline – you will be penalized 10% on your report for failing to attend this class or bringing a working draft • Final report due via Turn-it-in either PDF or Word.

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