Book Reflection

Please follow the instructions thoroughly  choose a children’s  book in the Informational Text genre. Complete the prompts for the Book Reflection in a word processing document and submit as a Word document or PDF. Make sure that the book chosen tells a story. APA Works Cited information for the book (1 point) What is the topic covered in the text? (1 point) Identify the format of the text. (1 point) How do graphics affect understanding of the text? (If the text has no graphics, explain whether or not they would have been helpful.) (2 points) Explain 3 text features in the book and their purpose. (3 points) Provide a brief review of the book, including the level of authenticity in its representation of the historical period or event and the impact it has on the story. (2 points) You will be graded on your level of accuracy and detail, including your application of information from the week’s lecture. I’ve provided the lecture attached as well as this 5 minute video.

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