Body System Pathology

For your Mid-Term Project (Body System Pathology Out-line) – this is just an example from my anatomy class – the structure will be the same only you will pick a specific microbe or virus and outline how it effects the body system -ie.. Covid -19 1. Name the body system of your choice; cardiovascular, blood, endocrine …… 2. Explain the normal anatomical / physiological processes. Example :  Insulin what it is and how it works 3. Explain your pathology – example (diabetes and insulin and how it disrupts – blood sugar control 4. Care – how this pathology or disease is treated This is just an outline so stay in out line form – example 1. The cardiovascular system a. the heart b. the blood vessels c. the blood 2. The cardiovascular system a. The Heart – cardiac muscle composed of 3 layers that works as a pump and moves fluid through the blood vessels b. The Blood Vessels – a series of pressurized tubes that also have 3 main layers that carries oxygenated and deoxy- blood to and away from the heart  ECT………… This is just an out-line ; dont make it more complicated than it is! Thank you!

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