Animal Nutrition

Question 1 (10 marks)Outline the energy systems used in animal nutrition, and state which system is used for ruminants, for swine, and for poultry.Question 2 (10 marks)(i) What is an antioxidant, (ii) what nutrients have antioxidant activity AND what is the mode of action of an antioxidant?Question 3 (10 marks)What are major feed additives in monogastric animal nutrition AND describe the mode of action of phytase.Question 4 (10 marks)Describe, using at least one example, the impact of maternal dietary supplementation on foetal developmentQuestion 5 (10 marks)Outline the process of digestion in the ruminant and describe factors which should be considered to enhance the efficiency of this process.Question 21 (10 marks)a) Explain the interactions and changes occurring in the calf gastrointestinal tract during the weaning transition which stimulate development to a mature state.b) Summarise Milk Fat Depression (MFD) in the dairy cow, outlining its causes and effects.Question 22 (10 marks)Describe lignin and explain its functions.Question 23 (10 marks)Outline the energy systems used in animal nutrition, and state which system is used for ruminants, swine, and poultry.Question 24 (10 marks)What are fat soluble vitamins? Name them and mention a few functions for each.Question 25 (10 marks)Describe the specialised anatomy and outline metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract of a hindgut fermenter.Question 26 (10 marks)Discuss the factors affecting feed intake regulation in ruminants, including any differences from monogastric animals.

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