African Elephants

Written Report: Mid-semester I will ask you to write a two part report, note page requirements for each part. Find a) a news article on a zoology research-related event within the past 12 months (verified to be true) with b) one original scientific article related to the event. Based on these write a minimum one- full –page, (not including heading) typewritten single space comparison of the information and wording article and  how it relates/differs to the actual science paper (a real critique — not just “there are more numbers and graphs in the science paper”).  Do NOT focus on summarizing. Minimum 1 page, maximum 2 pages. Focusing on the animal in the paper in part 1, write out the complete classification (Check NCBI Taxonomy for your species.) of the animal from kingdom to species. Explain why the animal was classified into each level of classification and reason for the name chosen. Minimum 2 full pages, maximum 5 pages, typewritten, single-space. Must use more than one source. References to both sections must be included on the paper in Council of Science Editors (CSE) format for both on a separate page.

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