Adolescence Mental Illness

Course:  Social Work Analyze the impact that adolescence mental illness has on adolescences, the individual, their families, and the communities. 1.   Identify the greatest challenge(s) of adolescence mental illness.   2.   Next, identify the social work values and ethics that are needed to address; identify elements of micro, mezzo, and macro dimensions that can be utilized in addressing adolescence mental illness.   3.   identified the practice skills that are needed for each dimension.  micro, mezzo and macro.   4.   Then, identify the problem of adolescence mental illness within the context of social welfare and identify particular welfare systems or agencies that could best help the individual/family who may be experiencing adolescence mental illness.   5.   Provide the takeaway about a social worker would advocate for an individual or family presented wit the issue of mental illness Please note that dimensions (micro, mezzo, and macro) can overlap, identify how they overlap when working with adolescence with mental illness   Identify the practice skills that are needed to address each of the systems of micro, mezzo, and macro practice when working with adolescence with mental illness.   Explain adolescence mental illness can be addressed within the social welfare system and explain which social welfare system would be most helpful.  Indicate  how a Social Worker would advocate on behalf of the family or individual (e.g., what would a social worker advocate for, what dimension (level of practice) would the social worker advocate at (micro, mezzo, or macro), and what that advocacy would entail). At least five scholarly resources. Length: 10-12 pages, not including title and reference pages

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