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APN Interview Guidelines Fall 2019 Each student will interview an APN. You are to select someone who has been educated and is presently practicing in one of the following roles: Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Educator/ Nurse Practitioner. Your choice should be made in accordance with the area of concentration that you have chosen to pursue in the Masters Program. You will write up the interview as a narrative.  Background: Please begin with the demographic profile of the APN including education, certifications/credentials, clinical/ academic experience and reason for choosing this person.  Interview Questions: The following questions must be included in your interview. 1. What was your reason for choosing this role? 2. How would you define your scope of practice? a. Ask at least one additional question base on APN’s response. 3. How do you believe you have developed the role since you have assumed it? a. What changes if any have you incorporated into the practice of this role? b. Ask at least one additional question based on APN’s response. 4. What is your line of authority according to the Table of Organization for the Nursing Department? Agency? Academic Institution?  5.   Describe the highlights that you have experienced while in this role? Joys?  Disappointments?  6. What contributions would you like to make to our profession? a. Ask at least one additional question based on APN’s response.   7. What impact has the Future of Nursing report made on your role?   8. Discuss with the APN the issue that you have chosen for your research paper.  a. How does this issue impact his/her practice? Conclusion: Prepare a reflective statement as your conclusion. Were your assumptions about the role actualized? What surprises were discovered? What responsibilities were in accordance with the scope and standards of the role you researched? Which were not? APN  INTERVIEW    100% 90%    Interview followed specific guidelines:  15%   Appropriate Advanced Practitioner chosen Background information and credentials  Identified Reason for choosing this practitioner 50%   All designated questions were utilized 25% Reflective statement as conclusion 10% Format:  Organization Correct grammar, syntax and clarity Type written, double spaced, 12 font

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