Natural and Un-natural Medicine

What is the difference between “natural” and “non-natural” medicine, supplements, or products? Based on what we’re learning this semester, how rigorous is that distinction? Especially in our consumer age when the “organic” label comes with commercial overtones, it’s important to think about what’s behind the label. Using examples, and incorporating information from class, answer one of the following questions: Make an argument for or against the use of “natural” or “organic” products in a particular area of life (e.g. health, medicine, cleaning, clothing, etc.) Make an argument for how to define a product as being “natural” or “organic”. Content: You should be sure to address the concepts necessary for understanding the explanation to your answer, explain the concepts, layout your answer to the question, and illustrate your answer with informative examples (plural). You may draw your examples from any field of chemistry or medicine you like, and it is recommended that you use this project to highlight the relevance of chemistry to your chosen field of study and/or professional discipline of interest. Format: You should prepare a multimedia presentation (be creative!) to explain the ideas in your presentation (PowerPoint, video, skit, song, etc).

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