Argumentative Paper

Argumentative paper, title/topic/argument is How fast food affects childhood obesity. The argument is that fast food is negative on children and leading them to become obese and how it affects not only the child but also the family as a whole. Please use any graphs as a model or various studies to support the argument that fast food will lead to childhood obesity and that it will have a negative effect on children and families. Follow this outline and Include an Abstract as well as a Page of References in APA format. Abstract Introduction How do you want to start? Story? Statistic? Situation? What do your readers need to know to understand your issue? Thesis What is the one-sentence answer to your research question? Lines of Argument (x3) (Please have 3 lines of argument) Why have you answered your research question in this way? What are your reasons? What evidence have you found to convince you this is the best answer to your research question? Opposing Views (x2) (please have 2 opposing views) Why might others oppose your position? What reasons would they give? What are the strengths and weaknesses of their positions? Conclusion How do you want readers to leave your paper? What is the last impression you’d like to make?

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