You will choose an ethics case from those posted on the American Sociological Association website. You may choose from the six cases below, falling under these three categories. Read through only the “Situation” description first. Write a 2-3 page reflection on what ethical issues you identified with the case and how you would advise the person in the case to have handled the situation differently, meeting ethical standards. To conclude, go back to the case and read through the “Discussion” section. Compare and contrast this recommendation to the advice you provided about the case. Throughout, support your ideas by integrating the American Sociological Association Code of Ethics as well as at least two additional scholarly sources. Informed Consent Case 50- Informed consent with vulnerable populations Case 54- Stage names and deception: Two examples Authorship Credit Case 70- Rights to authorship Case 71- Establishing mutually acceptable agreements Conflicts of Interest Case 23- Avoidance of personal gain Case 24- Avoidance of personal gain

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