Research Critique

Students will demonstrate ability to critically analyse literature to support research development. To examine the process of critical analysis (critique) of research literature, read TWO research articles and undertake a critical analysis (critique) of each study.  The research articles to be used for this task relate to healthcare and infection risk management and will be provided on Moodle. 1. In a 350-word summary: Define research critique and discuss why this is an important area of research inquiry; Briefly summarize the key areas of the quantitative and qualitative research studies provided.  Your summary should clearly describe the aim, research design, methodology and method as well as the key findings reported in each research article. Identify the levels of evidence of each study. 2.  Use the framework provided to undertake a critique of the TWO research articles provided. Use scholarly research literature to provide appropriate justification for your critique comments for each one of the areas included in the framework; Complete the critique using a blank template, as shown in Appendix I, page 24. Please type your critique directly into the Word copy of the template which can be downloaded from Moodle. All sections of the template are to be completed. Use a separate copy of the template for each article you critique. Please add the reference for each article you are critiquing where it is indicated at the top of each template.   Submissions must be uploaded to the Moodle Dropbox before the specified due date. Please see the Course Outline for the rubric. Word limit: 2000 words Submission date: 19.8.2020, 11.55 pm Weighting: 40% Critique Articles:  1. Quantitative article Sekerci & Bicer (2019). The effect of walking exercise on quality of life and sleep of elderly individuals: Randomize control study. 2. Qualitative article Kim (2018).  Nurses’ experiences of care for patients with Middle East respiratory syndrome – corona-virus in South Korea. Both articles can be accessed through Discovery database.

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