Psychology of Security

In sum, your task is to complete a proposal that introduces a security issue that exists in the real world, discusses solutions that have been attempted, and proposes either a project to implement and evaluate a new solution or a research project that could help to identify or inform solutions. In the proposal you will need to discuss not only the practical aspects of the issue and solution but also the psychological basis for the issue and the solution. It is important that you write about something that has not been discussed in depth in the lectures and seminars for the module. It can, however, be an extension of something discussed in the lectures and seminars. WORD LIMIT: 4,000 words The above word limit is already inclusive of any margin, so it is the maximum you are allowed to write. Footnotes and bibliographic references do not count towards the word limit. Psychology of Security: Assessment Task You as the proposer should assume the resources needed are going to be available. In other words, do not limit yourself to only projects that a final year undergraduate student could do. The coursework should include the following sections: 1. Specific Aims – Specifically state the issue you are addressing, along with specific goals and hypotheses. o Think of this section as a summary that lets the person who is evaluating your proposal immediately know exactly what you are aiming to do. Although it should be as clear as possible, it should also be brief, and so the finer details of what you are proposing may not be evident. 2. Significance – Provide reasons as to why this is an important issue. 3. Background – This is a discussion of the practical and psychological context of the issue and a review of research about it and/or solutions that have been attempted. By the end of the Background section, the reader should have a clear picture of a need for a new solution or research to help design a solution. 4. Proposed Solution or Research – What do you propose? If research, you should describe and justify the design of the study. If a solution, you should describe and justify what it would take to implement this solution. It is important that you relate your research or solution back to the information in your Background section. The integration of the Background section with the Proposed Solution or Research section will strengthen the rationale for your chosen proposal. 5. Ethical and Risk Considerations – This describes any ethical issues that the project involves and any security risks that the project might produce. 6. Indicators of success or failure – What outcomes do you expect? What outcomes could you measure to know whether or not the project or research was successful? Are there secondary benefits to the project aside from the main goal? The proposal will be assessed by the usual marking criteria. The proposal should highlight your skills at critical thinking. It will also highlight either your skill at designing research or your skill at considering how psychological knowledge can be translated into effective and creative practice. The proposal will be evaluated on; ● the strength of the rationale (i.e., the quality of the reasoning for what you proposed); ● the degree to which the idea is novel and topical; ● the demonstration of your knowledge and your integration of the existing literature on security; ● the demonstration that your knowledge is not predominantly from what you learned in other modules ● the coherence of the proposal (i.e., how well the proposed work relates to the specific issue that is the target in your proposal); ● whether the design of the project is sound, leading to a reasonable likelihood of success; and ● whether the effectiveness of the project is measurable.

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