Veterinary School Acceptance

In 300 words, summarize your adacemic experience, successes, challenges, and overall performance.  If you had gaps, withdrawals, failed courses, or low academic workload, provide an explanation.  I will include my information or draft My academic career has been pretty typical for most physicians.  I pursued my career toward medicine nonstop from college through medical school and residency.  I immediately took a job in Orlando as a full time physician.  I, then, worked for 25 years as an Internist in private practice.  That being said, there were challenges along the way as I progressed to higher levels of education.  Medical school was by far a shocking challenge that far exceeded any college class in the incredibly amount of detail and sheer volumes of knowledge necessary to become a physician.  After completing residency I realized the importance of squeezing so much knowledge in such a short time.  I realized the challenge of treating hundreds of patients during residency with little sleep was training me to become a successful physician, able to treat intensively, complicated medical conditions with confidence and astuteness?.  The sheer volume of patients evaluated and treated during an Internal Medicine internship and residency was ideal for preparing me  with the wealth of knowledge necessary to practice good medicine.  The challenge was still yet to come.  The fear of being out in practice the first year is challenging for most new physicians.  Commanding respect, especially from ICU nurses, my first year in practice was challenging in that I needed to prove my worth as a physician and also command mutual respect from the staff at the hospital.  Intensive Care Unit nurses are the toughest.  I learned the importance of humility, as well as learning to show the utmost respect for the nursing staff’s knowledge and more importantly, their experience.  Throughout my residency and first year out in practice I learned to listen to and value the experiences of the nurses and staff working beside me.  There is no place for arrogance in medicine.  Throughout my years practicing medicine, it became clear that there would be patients I couldn’t cure, patients I couldn’t even find an ultimate diagnosis for.  I loved the challenge of the mysterious patient, however, realized that I couldn’t solve all problems.   I loved the relationships that I formed with my patients.  I learned the importance of listening to  patients.  I was honored when they trusted me with their personal issues and relationships, and always I learned the importance of continuously looking for the right diagnosis, always keeping open communication with my patients and working after hours when needed to be the best physician I could.  Most importantly, I learned humility.   A good, competent doctor knows when to admit he or she doesn’t know the answer, when to refer to another for help with patient care.

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