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Description: ​The speech should be 4-6 minutes in length. ​You must provide to me a comprehensive outline, featuring an argument that is ​specific to the audience you have chosen​ and attempts to convince them to take some sort of stance, action, or attitude towards the issue you’re discussing. The speech should feature​ 3-4 main claims​, with at least ​two pieces of evidence​ for each claim. Additionally, you must use ​two identifiable strategies that are directly targeted at convincing this particular audience. The outline is required at the beginning of your speech (so please have your own speaking/delivery outline to use during presentation of your speech). There are penalties for going over or under the required time limits. This means you will need to practice your speech sufficiently to be sure the content is developed according to the assignment guidelines. In addition, at least ​five scholarly ​references (listed in a “work cited” section at the end of your outline) are required. Cite your sources in the official way, so you will need to learn proper end citation (see links on the next page). While you may use Wikipedia, dictionaries and encyclopedias as a jumping off point to begin researching your speech, they ​do not count toward the five (5) sources required in your speech. I want to get you to using these sources as “getting started” research, with your referenced research from current and relevant books, magazines, newspapers, and academic journals. All ​five (5!) ​of your research sources​ must be ​verbally/explicitly cited​ within the speech as supporting material for claims that are made or evidence that is offered. As with the previous assignment, these works cited sources cited must be credible and peer-reviewed: Is the article/book/etc relevant? Does it come from a reliable source (instead of a blog or a random internet site)? Is it current (within the last 7 years or so)? Are the research studies large enough? Is the article written by an expert on the subject (with their credentials easily accessible)? Is the book/article/etc citing its own research and sources? You need a work cited page (added at the end of your preparation outline or on a separate page, your choice). Work cited must be in either MLA or APA style ​only. ​It doesn’t matter which documentation you use, but choose one and use it consistently. APA and MLA citation styles may be accessed at: (APA) ​ (MLA) ​ You may use PowerPoint, notecards, handouts to aid in your speech delivery, but ​you may NOT simply read your speech off them. ​Remember that your goal with delivery is extemporaneous speaking. ​The use of visual aids is completely optional, but if your presentation relies on the use of a visual aid, make sure to have a backup plan in case the technology in the classroom doesn’t work.

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