Strategy for Managers

The task for the second assignment includes a strategic analysis of a given company. Specifically, students are required to identify factors influencing the company strategy and evaluate the main issues and challenges. Based on the case ‘Reboot Systems’, to critically analyse a company strategy and suggest directions for future research Table of Contents 1. Introduction (300 words) You need to identify to the marker the purpose of the report and the information you will provide in your report. 2. Overview of Company Strategy (300 words) Introduce the case study and discuss the company’s strategic goals. Their vision and mission statements need to be discussed in-depth in this section. 3. Evaluation of Environmental Impacts (900 words) PESTEL analysis Porter’s 5 forces analysis 4. Strategic Capabilities and Sources of Competitive Advantage (1000 words) The Value Chain analysis VRINO Analysis 5. Issues and Challenges (500 words) Based on the analysis undertaken above, you may discuss and consider the SWOT analysis. Make sure to link the external analysis to OT and the internal analysis to SW. 6. Conclusions and Recommendations (500 words) References (at least 12-15 references including books and academic peer-reviewed articles) Appendices (optional) – Using relevant theories and concepts – Additional research is required

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