Johnson’s Behavioral System Model

I want a Powerpoint, I know in the  instructions it states it doesn’t need to be a powerpoint but that is what I want. I also need a handout. the Powerpoint only needs to be 10 slides, the hand out needs to be 2 pages no more than that.  Presentation Guidelines This is a pairs’ presentation. You will be instructed as to the method of selection of your presentation partner. You will select a nursing theory and develop a class presentation. A power point is not required for this presentation; however, you may use any means of audiovisual aids to enhance your presentation e.g.  PowerPoint, overheads, posters, props. You are required to provide a handout for each student in the class summarizing the presentation. The handout should include the following: ·         Title of theory; theorist’s name, affiliation, ·         Main idea of the theory ·         List of assumptions of the theory (if applicable) ·         List of major concepts of the theory with concept definitions or brief description of the concepts. ·         Your list of references The handout should be no more than 2 pages plus the reference page. Bullet lists and diagrams are encouraged. The handout should assist the class in following the presentation.   Your presentation can only be approximately 10 minutes in length and you must adhere             I.      Theory Description a.       Profile of theorist b.      Purpose and scope or level of theory c.       Origin of theory d.      Major concepts and propositions      II.      Theory Analysis a.       Are concepts clearly defined and logically connected? b.      Is there a model or diagram that contributes to clarifying theory.? c.       Are concepts measurable (operationally defined)? d.      Can you understand it well enough to apply it to practice or research?   III.      Theory Evaluation. a.       Is the theory congruent with current nursing practice? b.      Has it been tested (give an example of one research article using the theory as a framework) c.       Does the theory contribute to the discipline/science of nursing? d.      Would you find this theory useful? How? In what context/setting?   This is a formal presentation, so the student(s) should be prepared to stand and speak to the class. Grading will be based on completeness and accuracy of the content; organization and clarity of the presentation; quality of the handout provided; and the presenter’s general appearance and professionalism.

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