World Association of Travel Agencies

Knowledge Knowledge of the experiential nature of the MICE sector Knowledge of the changing nature of the business consumer and marketplace Skills: The ability to situate MICE within the contemporary commercial context The ability to critically discuss the role of MICE within the wider tourism, events, and hospitality industry Assessment Assessment: Project Report Individual project report, Assessing learning outcomes 1-4, contributing 100% of the module marks Part 1 A proposal document including a literature review. Your assignment should be presented in a professional report format and include a 1,500-word literature review ( -/+ 10%) addressing ‘contemporary’ issues in relation to the MICE sector.  Background: You are a freelance professional conference organizer. You have been asked to organize a conference for the World Association of Travel Agencies. Your client puts a strong emphasis on its corporate social responsibility and wants the conference to be as ‘contemporary/green’ as possible. The three-day conference will be held in spring 2021 and it is intended to attract approximately 250 people. It is aimed at an international audience, comprising government representatives, personnel and key stakeholders, as well as leading figures from academic and commercial research establishments They are open to suggestions from you, but have confirmed the following: • The guests will be from all around the world and the gender split is roughly 50:50. • The conference can be held at any destination in the world. • There will be 250 delegates. • Budget is £250 per delegate (Flights & Accommodation are NOT included). • The first day must include one of either a networking event or a teambuilding activity. • The second day should include an optional leisure activity to run alongside the conference. • The final day must end with a formal dinner in the evening with entertainment  Indicative Content  The formal written package proposal needs to be presented in a professional report format and include the following • Why the destination and venue would be ideal to host the conference. • Recommendations (including costing) for venue, catering, accommodation options transport, IT/AV support and additional activities/supporting leisure programs • Proposed budget. • Marketing plan. • Tentative schedule for the conference events. • Internal and external analysis of the conference on the host destination. • Make recommendations as to how your proposal will support the ‘contemporary’ aims of the conference.  Literature Review: • An overview on current thinking about ‘contemporary’ issues in relation to the MICE sector should be presented in the form of a literature review of approximately 1,500 words (+/- 10%) . This is to establish your credibility as a conference organizer.

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