The Presentation of Self

Social 101 Introduction to Sociology Mid Term Essay    Instructions: The mid-term essay is composed of two essays Submission: Attach as a Microsoft word file or a pdf file. Do not write directly in Blackboard. Format: Use Times font, size 11 or 12, double spacing, one-inch margins on all sides. One full page is approx. 20 lines. On the top line of the first page, type your name, Social 101, and Mid-Term Essay. Then skip a line and begin your first essay. Do NOT repeat the question and instructions; just indicate the essay by its title. After you have finished your first essay, go to a new page and begin your second essay indicating it by its title. Write in full sentences and use paragraphs. No bulleting.  Bold only the required concepts.  The length of each essay is indicated below the essay question. Depending on how concise you write, the length will vary slightly. You are welcome to go beyond the required (minimum) length. Citation: All borrowed ideas, be they quoted or paraphrased, must be cited and include the page number (use parenthetical citations).  Edit your essays for spelling, grammar, sentence coherency, and organization of ideas. Essay #1: The Presentation of Self (5%)  Selecting a situation NOT from the textbook, describes the situation in which someone’s (an individual or a group of individuals) first impression of you was important. How did you manage your impression? And let’s say the impression – your face – wasn’t successfully performed as you had hoped it to be. What did you do? Make sure to answer the question concretely; avoid being vague. Make sure to answer the question concretely; avoid being vague. While you do not need to explicitly define the concepts, through their application, their meanings must be fully conveyed. Note the order in which the below concepts are listed below is arbitrary; you need to think about where to bring them into your essay – where to engage with them. Length: 1- 1½ pages. Required Concepts:  front stage backstage audience looking-glass self roles script props aligning actions (at least one of them) performance team (if relevant)

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