Juvenile Delinquency

The paper must be formatted using APA style in a formal third person. Do not include personal anecdotes or comments/narrative in your paper. The Purdue OWL APA guide is an excellent resource to assist you with APA style. Additional requirements for the paper are:  The Paper must utilize both paraphrases and direct quotes, and not more than half of the citations can be direct quotes.  This will enable you to obtain practice in both in-text citing techniques. If used, only one block quote is allowed. Copying or otherwise use of information from another source without proper citation is not allowed. Parenthetical citations must be used to tell the reader where the information comes from. Violation of this could be considered plagiarism. You must cite a minimum of 6 peer-reviewed articles. Page Requirements The completed Research Paper should be 7-11 pages and include: 1 page: title page 1 page: abstract 5-7 pages: the body of Research Paper 1 page: references

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