Education and Youth Unemployment in Afghanistan

(2500 words, 50 percent of module mark).   General instructions:   The proposal must show extensive engagement with both topic-specific and research methods literature, and be properly referenced throughout. Anything less than 25 sources would be a source of concern. Each section marked * should be given equal weight and be about 700-750 words in length. That will leave about 250-400 words for the Preliminary Time table. The word limit does not include the bibliography or the 335 words of the form itself.   The full title of dissertation: Education and youth unemployment in Afghanistan   Research question: How can the post Education unemployment problems in Afghanistan can be solved?     *Research context, relevance, and novelty:   Set your topic within the wider debate/existing literature, and explain its relevance.  Identify the original contribution of your project to the body of existing knowledge. What is new?  What is different about your project to what has gone before? Make sure you refer to some of the core texts used in your main courses.   *Theoretical framework:   i.e. the body of theories and paradigms which will be underpinning your research / AND which you will be testing during your research OR using to explore new evidence. Remember that no interpretations are theory-neutral!   *Data, methods, and research design:   Discussion of you will actually go about doing the project. Reflect on your own views of the reality under investigation, including any assumptions about its nature (ontology) and the appropriate means of gaining knowledge about that reality (epistemology). Outline the specific types of methods to be used in your research. Explain the methods of data collection and justify them. Identify suitable sources, differentiating between primary and secondary sources, and to offer details on primary sources. Are you going to be doing a case study? What kind of case study? Include any ethical issues you foresee.       Preliminary timetable:   Consider the practical side if the research. What will you have to do in practice to complete the project; by when will you have to do it?   From 15 March 2020, the dissertation will be divided up to 18 September 2020. Each part of the dissertation will be finished within a month more or less and so on. Please, create a timetable to show what element will be finished on which date. The Deadline of the dissertation is on 18 September 2020. I will also offer you some literature about Afghanistan education too.   Bibliography:

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