Developmental Psychology

This final assignment for a Developmental Psychology has two sections: long answer and short answer questions. Section 1: Answer the following two questions in around two paragraphs. Please make the answers specific and relevant to the references mentioned in the question. 1.     Colarusso, C. (2000). Separation-Individuation phenomena in adulthood: General concepts and the fifth individuation.  Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 48(4), 1467-1489. What does Colarusso mean when he refers to the fifth individuation — What developmental period does it pertain to, why makes it a specific developmental phase, and what are the ‘two contradictory trends’?  Your answer should elaborate on one (or more) of the following aspects:  how it is different from infancy or middle adulthood; what kinds of thoughts/feelings/behaviors signal healthy or maladaptive ways of entering old age; what gender are highlighted?  What do you make of his theory — how is it helpful, is there anything that Colarusso leaves out or neglects to consider? 2.     Soldz, S., & Valiant, G. E. (1999).  The Big Five personality traits and the life course: A 45-year longitudinal study.  Journal of Personality Research, 33, 208-232. Soldz and Vaillant report on one facet of a multi-dimensional longitudinal research project.  What are some of the questions do they seek to answer, and what challenges to personality research do they identify?  What are the Big 5 Personality Traits? What do the study results suggest about personality coherence or train stability over the course of adulthood for this sample of men? (In other words, what qualities stayed stable over time, how did various personality traits translate into behavior?).  Are there aspects of this research that you found surprising? Section 2: Answer the following four questions in one paragraph each. Please make use of your own references and cite them in APA style.

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