Criminal Offender

First Step: Read through offender interviews in the last module and pick someone that interests you. I will provide the case study once the agreement is made on services. Below are the instructions: Be sure to address completely all of the sections below. Draw from the class lectures, readings, and additional scholarly sources related to the topic. You may quote passages from your readings; however, you should not have more than one or two quotes for each theme. Your report should be carefully proofread without grammar or spelling errors. Your report should be typed, double spaced, and in 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch page margins. Your report should be 10 pages, minimum. Remember, you MUST address every single part of the sections below for full credit. For some reason, many people fail to address either the theory component or, the policy recommendation component and thus end up with a grade lower than expected. Introduction (1/2-1 page): The paragraph should open up with the demographic/summary information about the offender. For instance, it should read as. “The person I am writing about is a (age) year old male from (town) England. He was convicted of (offense) and has (number) of prior convictions. You can also note any initial impressions that you have of the offender at this point, and why you believe this offender began a life of crime. Assessment: Using the information gained in the class you should conduct a risk/needs assessment of the offender you choose. Main Themes (approx. 5-6 pages): The crux of the paper is talking about the themes in the interview. You will start by talking about the offender’s family background/history that might be relevant to his current situation. Next discuss the prisoner’s biggest problems as you have coded for them. In the next paragraph discuss the prisoner’s perception of prison using the themes that you found in your interview. In the next paragraph discuss the social factors that will help or hinder reintegration for this offender (these are basic safety needs such as shelter, food, security, social support. It might be helpful to refer to the first 3 levels of Maslow’s hierarchy for this component . You should bring in references from the readings whenever possible and if relevant. Lastly, discuss the psychological factors that will help or hinder this offender’s reintegration. For each of these paragraphs it is important to use offender quotes for each of these sections as an example of what you’re talking about. When conducting qualitative research, it is important to avoid over speculating about a respondent. That is, you want to be fairly confident that you are making an inference based on what the respondent says, not merely based on your personal thoughts. For instance, if you believe that depression is one of the psychological factors that will hinder your offender’s success, you will write about why you think this is a reasonable assumption (using material from the textbook) and then you will give a quote from the offender that indicates depression, like this: In the following quote, JA discusses his depression, “After me mum died I started feeling low all of the time and couldn’t sleep at night.” Please put all offender quotes in italics to distinguish it from normal text. Also, when using quotes that are over 2 sentences, you must indent the whole section and use 10 pt. font as follows: “For each of these paragraphs it is important to use quotes for each of these sections as an example of what you’re talking about. When using quotes that are over 2 sentences, you must indent the whole section and use 10 pt. font as follows”. Static and dynamic risk factors: (1 page) This part of the paper should discuss the offender’s static and dynamic risk factors. Discuss whether you think he will commit another crime based on what you know about these factors and on the risk/needs/responsivity principle. Offender Type: (1 page) Based on what you have considered being this offender’s biggest problems, you should write a section on what you know of this type of offender based on what we have covered in class, e.g. drug offender, sex offender, aspd, etc. etc. You may be writing about more than one issue here. (A min of one page) Therapy (1-2 pages) Write about the type of therapy that would be best suited for this type of offender. The type of therapy that you choose should come from information from text. This part should include an overview of the therapy itself, and how specifically you intend to apply it. Case Management: (1 page) End the paper with a case plan for this offender (text-based) and any other recommendations based on the principles of effective correctional intervention. Do not skip this part and try to avoid making anecdotal suggestions. The more you integrate from the class material, the better you will do on this paper! Conclusion Your own thoughts/summary/conclusion/etc. Good luck!( It should be fun 🙂

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