Consumer’s Memoir

Throughout the semester, we have examined some of the different ways we are each individually — and even collectively — linked to issues of consumption.   Important notes: This assignment page is duplicated at the beginning of the module and the end so that you can see the module’s goal before starting. The draft and peer review are due Monday and Wednesday of week 8 to ensure sufficient time for revision before the final draft is due on the ePortfolio. Objectives For this final writing assignment you will be asked to revisit your own individual consumption practices in a Consumer’s Memoir.  Examine your consumption of a thing, a medium, a food, or anything that you have a choice to consume or not. Choose how  “confessional” or not you want to be in your writing. Use vivid details and descriptions to tell the story of your item. Topic Selection The topic should meet these criteria: You have a history of consumption, collection, use or ownership of the item. You feel strongly about it–positively or negatively. You can explore your place in the stream of consumption or your relationship to it. You can explore and discuss your consumption of the item. There is a social aspect to your consumption, collection, use or ownership of the item. On Your Own Try one or more of these freewriting prompts to get you thinking: What are the elements of this item? Is it a single thing or a set? What are the “indications for use?” In other words, how does it fit into your life? Is there anything about it you would need to explain to someone that doesn’t use it? What are the sights, tastes, smells, and sounds that engaging with people about/through/in this item evokes for you? Are there social circles or family relationships built around or nurtured by consuming this? What are they? What does having this add to your relationships? What does the item mean to you? What are the memories it inspires? In other words, what is the context – the bigger picture – behind consuming it? Have you ever tried to change your habits around consuming this? Are there any regrets you have about how you consume it? Is there anything to be responsible for? Are you explaining anything away? Is there any way to be more conscientious about your consumption? Format 2-3 pages in length (550-850 words) double-spaced follow either MLA or APA style guidelines If you use any outside sources, be sure to include both in-text citations within the essay and also a complete citation reference at the end of the document. Place the word count in parentheses at the end of the last page (before the citation). Peer Review A peer review will occur within the days after the draft is due. Please respond to the two peers that are assigned to you. If you are late submitting, contact your Instructor of Record to have them assign you your peers. Grade The grade for this assignment is based on the following two criteria: 60% = You submit the draft fitting the above criteria. 40% = You complete two peer reviews that fit the criteria following: Respond substantively to the drafts  you were assigned to review by composing a short letter (min. 100 words per letter) to the author which addresses the following points: two things that are going well in the draft two or three things you believe would help the draft improve Review the Order of Concerns  (Links to an external site.)  document to better understand the rubric and grading scale.  Sample Essays Consumer’s Memoir.Sample 1.pdf Actions Consumer’s Memoir.Sample 2.pdf Actions Consumer’s Memoir.Sample 3.pdf Actions Video This assignment is designed to walk you through the prewriting and initial draft: Video Lecture 4: Consumer’s Memoir

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